Yes you can!

You can do it! I know you can!

Whether you want to go it alone and travel the world, feel great in that interview for your dream job, or take a new path in life, you can make it happen with a newfound confidence.

Perhaps you want the confidence to speak out. Maybe you’ve got a piece of writing to share with the world and you’re hesitating.

Whatever your confidence conundrum, you’re in exactly the right place to get that extra bit of belief in yourself.

Remember, you’re totally unique and you’re brilliant, and gaining confidence is best done in your own way.

Just to be clear – I’m not talking about that brash, see-right-through-it, fake, no substance, bravado. No, no, no (I hate that!). I’m talking about a confidence that comes from inside. A confidence that comes from being sure of yourself, from having great self-esteem, and from a feeling of inner strength, because – quite frankly – you’re great!

When you have that kind of confidence – that stems from knowing yourself really, really well, and from listening to and trusting your intuition – it can’t be shaken.

Don’t worry, confidence is something that holds almost everyone (bar a few lucky souls) back in some realm of life, or at some point. It’s normal to doubt. It’s human to hesitate. But, there comes a point when it’s time to step out there and stop holding back. And that time is now!

Fill in the blank in this sentence:

If only I had more confidence, I’d be able to _______________

Let’s get to work on that. Right now!

The sessions with Frances were great: friendly and coaxing. Frances is great at nudging her clients towards their own solutions to thorny life and work issues. Warmly recommended.

Sal H

Fran has a way with people that makes it easy to be honest and open. I felt nothing was out of bounds and that I could talk openly about how I felt, without any fear of judgment or criticism.


Fran is a very positive and encouraging person and she made me feel I could achieve all that I wanted to.

Laura A