We provide consultancy for selected clients.

Our clients include major global telecommunications companies as well as large corporations including Lloyd’s of London.

We enjoy being given challenging questions to work on and providing innovative solutions for businesses and organisations in this area.

Our specialist areas include digital distraction, digital detox, time management, digital life and productivity.

Frances Booth is one of the leading experts in this field. She is author of The Distraction Trap, an influential book on these issues, which has been translated into six languages including Korean and Chinese. Frances has done extensive research in this field and is extremely well-connected in this area.

Her Forbes blog on productivity and managing distractions attracts more than 15,000 readers a month. She is also widely quoted in the media as an expert on these issues, and has been featured in many publications, including Wired, Vanity Fair, BBC Radio, Sky News and The Huffington Post.

If you would like to benefit directly from Frances Booth's insight and expertise, which can be invaluable to your project, please get in touch via our quick contact form or by emailing with details of your project.

Our consultancy work includes organisational questions, for example around time management and distraction, as well as product development, future trends mapping and idea generation.

Frances will bring huge insight to your project, as well as a fresh outside perspective.

She is a graduate of Cambridge University.

On distraction

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

Albert Einstein

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