The projects we work on fall broadly in to these three categories.

1) Get productive in the office

Take a quick walk round the average office, glancing at everyone’s computer screens. There’s work to do – sure – that’s what everyone turns up for every day, isn’t it? That’s what they get paid for – right? So why are they all checking email? Digital distraction has taken hold in almost every office in the land. If it’s not email, it’s social media or the Internet taking up employees’ attention. But what about the proper work that needs doing? We can help …

Another huge problem in most offices is where to draw a line in a constantly connected world. Are sickness, stress and poor performance sapping productivity in your office? If so, it’s likely your employees need to learn how to switch off. If everyone is always ‘on call’ you’re sacrificing alert, energised workers who have ideas that make your business grow.

What we do

We use observation, one-to-one coaching, workshops and analysis to tailor a solution to your needs. We focus on where you can make productivity savings, and look at how email and smartphone use might work better for your office, and for key individuals. We give you practical tips you can start using straight away. Projects range from one day to long-term.

How it looks afterwards

Three hours per week per person of extra ‘productive time’ is a very realistic estimate for most consultancy projects we undertake. Add up the collective wage bill no longer wasted to see what this means for you as a business …  Most offices find they can make huge productivity savings without buying any extra equipment or hiring or firing any staff. Paying attention properly in the digital world is a much more effective way of working than the default ‘always on’ mode most businesses have adopted for far too long.   

If this sounds like your office or your team, get in touch to start discussing how we can work together. Email or send us a note via our contact form

2) Helping you help your clients

We’re mightily pleased that we’re not the only ones out there tackling digital distraction. We love hearing from companies and organisations working towards the same cause, and joining forces with them. These companies might, for example, be helping their clients switch off, do a digital detox, or pay attention to what matters. 

What we do

We work alongside these companies to develop a product or service, contributing our expert knowledge. For example, we might help expand a digital detox programme for a hotel, develop an advert that promotes switching off, or work on a project about connecting in person. We’re very well connected in the field and will bring fresh ideas, plenty of enthusiasm and a valuable external perspective. 

How it looks afterwards

Your clients switch off, get balanced, and focus on what really matters. Your company uses a great USP to do business. Together we help tackle the problem of digital distraction.

Working on a great project? We’d love to hear from you and help make it a big success … Get in touch via email at or via our contact form to discuss ways we can work together.  

 3) Distractions-a-plenty

We work with individuals to tackle the common problem of digital distraction and digital addiction. You might be feeling like this:

You just can’t seem to get anything done. You chase things round all day, but you’re not seeing the results you want. You’re stressed and exhausted, but you don’t know what to do about it. You get distracted for much of the day by your email, your smartphone, social media or browsing the Internet. You feel like you’re ‘on call’, and you have to ‘just check’.

What we do

We look at your specific situation and help you find ways to deal with digital demands. We do this in a non-judgemental, understanding way. We won’t tell you to throw away your phone. We realise that in the digital age, it’s about finding a balance that works for you, while still using the digital tools you need. We know most people are juggling lots of demands. Using techniques we’ve developed that have helped hundreds of people through The Distraction Trap, we’ll help you turn things around.

How it looks afterwards

Most people find it is a huge relief to address the common problem of digital distraction and digital addiction. By the end of just one session, most people have plenty of ideas about changes they are going to make, and feel calmer and more in control. Now there is space to breathe, and time to think … Most of the changes we discuss in the session can be made instantly, making a huge immediate difference.

Sound familiar? Email us at to book a one-to-one session via Skype or in person or send us a note via our contact form. Many people need just a single one hour session. If you feel it would be useful to track your progress and stay accountable as you change things, a bundle of three sessions might be better for you.  


On distraction

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

Albert Einstein

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